Journal of the Society of Archivists


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Multiple Issues

Volume Number Year
10 3 1989
11 1&2 1990
12 1 1991
13 1 1992
13 2 1992
14 1 1993
14 2 1993
15 1 1994
15 2 1994
16 2 1995
17 1 1996
18 1 1997
18 2 1997

Articles of Interest

Woods, C: The Treatment od Cellulose Diacetate Negatives: V13.N1

Woods, C: Designing a Conservation Room: an example from Dorset: V13.N2

McCormick-Goddard, M: The Allowable Temperature and Relative Humidity Range for the Safe Use and Storage of Photographic Materials: V17.N1

Fairbrass, S: Dry-Mounting Tissue Used in Conservation: their nature and deterioration characteristics: V15.N1

Woods, C: Conservation Treatments for Parchment Documents: V16.N2

Woods, C: The Nature and Treatment of Wax and Shellac Seals: V15.N2

Kitching, C: BS 5454: A Commentary on the Revised Edition: V10.N3

Rhys-Lewis, J: A Current View of Education and Training in Archive Conservation: V18.N2

Weber, J: Wrapping Up records: an archive packaging programme: V18.N1

Cameron, A: Records Management and Conservation: Conflicting Objectives: V12.N1

Clark, S: The Preservation of Photographic Material: V11.N1&2

Baynes-Cope, A D: BS 5454: Towards a Common Approach: V11.N1&2

Weber, J: Photocopiers - Friend or Foe? A Survey by the Preservation and Conservation Group of the Society of Archivists: V14.N1

Parker, A. E.: Freeze-Drying Vellum Archival Materials: V14.N2