Preservation management of digital materials


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Title: Preservation management of digital materials Subtitle:
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Publisher: British Library, Edition:
Copyright Year: Publication Year: 2001
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Genre: Bibliography; New Media Keywords: Digital preservation; Library materials; Conservation and restoration; Archival materials; Digitization; Digital media.; Collection management.; Preservation of materials; Information retrieval.; Storage.; Digitization.; Library Materials, organization & administration.; Information science & librarianship; Digital imaging.; Librarianship - Preservation - Digital materials; Digital images - Conservation.
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by Maggie Jones and Neil Beagrie.

"This print publication ... will be complemented and supported by the web version ... available from: "--P. 5.

Includes bibliographical references and index

Web version available at http://www.jisc.ac.uk/dner/preservation/workbook/index.html.

Dates of available copies: 2001, 2003.

vi, 139 p. ; 30 cm.